Here at RAFL App it is our goal to connect Great products around the world with a great consumer base which is constantly interested in current and upcoming products. Through the ability of winning prizes every single day we will bring together a dedicated user base which will love your products. . What we provide you is the ability to harness superb advertising through pure excitement and chance.

                Now as we are starting out we would like to build a strong relationship with our products and grow with them.

              When we work with companies we give them the option to Invest in us as much as we invest in them. With our unique partnerships with our sweepstake and giveaway sites weekly we reach out to over 50,000 eyes and even more. With our direct marketing we are also reaching out to thousands of people who are talking about the relevant product which we are giving away, which will benefit you as company. 

Partner with us gets you a number of things

- Access to our user base which is forever growing

- Access to over 20 giveaway and sweepstake sites 

- Something great you can do for your current customers to grow positive PR and just so appreciation 

-Have our team use direct marketing to gain publicity reach out to thousands daily

-The advertising potential through doing a giveaway with a notable service 

-Become a part of our family and grow with us 

- The ability to have our users gain entries by liking and or sharing all aspects of social media

Please reach out to us below and we would love to organize a deal with you to get your product on the app and start growing!

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